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In pursuit of its mission, Panacea Biotec is making immense contribution in disease prevention an reducing child mortality, through innovative vaccine development, production and marketing.  Panacea Biotec has significant presence in prophylactic vaccine market that adhere to international standards of manufacturing and clinical development.  Panacea Biotec has made available several paediatric vaccines, namely Trivalent, Monovalent (Type I and Type III) Oral Polio Vaccine, Enivac HB (recombinant Hepatitis B) Vaccine, innovative Combination Vaccines such as Ecovac4 (recombinant Hepatitis B and DTP), Easyfour (Haemophilus Influenza type B (Hib) and DTP), Easyfive (Hib, DTP and Hepatitis B). The Company has registered consistent growth in revenue which is contributed by vaccines supplied to UNICEF as well as growth in supplies to the domestic private vaccine market through the joint venture company, Chiron Panacea Vaccines Pvt. Ltd. 

Panacea Biotec is prequalified supplier of OPV, Hepatitis B vaccines (Enivac HB), Easyfour (DTP+Hib) and Ecovac (DTP+HepB) to UN Agencies. 

The company has also started supplying recombinant Hepatitis B Vaccines (Enivac-HB) to UNICEF against their global tenders. 

The development of new vaccines targeting life threatening diseases will remain our focus in R&D.